How to play?

  • All games have to be predicted in advance.  To do this, you have to select the respective match day.1
  • You can change your predictions as often as you would like.  After the match started, you can not change the predicitons any more.
  • After you have made the prediction, you have to click the "save predition".  Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation.
  • Winner is the player, who has gotten the most points with the overall table (Matchday & Season).  If there are multiple players with the the same score at the end of the season, the winner will be drawn)
  • The prizes are not interchangable or for third parties to use.  All prizes can not be payed out in cash and a excluded from any exchange.

Award System

  • Wrong Result =  0 points
  • Forgot to make a prediciton = 0 points
  • Correct Winner = 1 Point
  • Corrcect Winner and Goal Difference = 2 points
  • Correct Result = 3 points

Every Player may enter their prediction until the start of the match day

Additional questions

For every correctly answerd additional question, the player will receive 5 points!
The special questions must be answered before the start of the season. With the kick-off of the first game of the 20/21 season it is not possible to submit the special questions and thus to award points afterwards.

  • Who will win the German Championship in the season 20/21?
  • Which club will score the most goals in the season 20/21?
  • Which club will change their coach first in the season 20/21?
There is still enough time
Three day until kick-off
Less then 24 hours until kick off
Making predicitons is no longer possible